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London Assembly takes closer look at community-led housing

The London Assembly Housing Committee has announced it is taking a closer look at four community-led housing projects in London to learn the advantages and disadvantages of such a scheme.

Community-led housing involves local people or residents developing and/or managing housing in not-for-profit organisations.

However, such schemes only represent 1% of the UK housing market.

On Tuesday 4th July, a committee meeting was held to discuss the matter and was attended by:

  • Tom Chance, grants and development manager, National Community Land Trust Network
  • Maria Brenton, resident, Older Women’s Co-Housing
  • Calum Green, communities and campaigns director, London Community Land Trust and Citizens UK
  • Alex Smith, chairman, Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum and Community Land Trust
  • Ruth Moulton, director, St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust
  • Tony Wood, director, St. Ann’s Redevelopment Trust.

The committee has identified three questions on the subject:

  • Are there reasons to fund community-led projects, rather than affordable homes through the council and registered provider routes?
  • Could registered social landlords deliver homes through Community Land Trusts to ensure they are affordable in perpetuity?
  • What should the mayor’s new Community Housing Hub offer to make it a success?

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