How can infrastructure investment grow UK regions?

Increased infrastructure investment will lead to greater economic growth, according to a new survey conducted by a real estate adviser.


CBRE’s Core Cities 2nd edition report has found that high levels of accessibility to UK cities would allow for access to suppliers and customers, which in turn would result in more growth.

CBRE has also highlighted that the status and size of the core city airports were key factors for investment.

Since 2004, Manchester and Birmingham have taken the greatest share of property investment, although smaller cities – such as Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Bristol – have performed better on a population-weighted basis.

Investment volumes increased up to pre-crash levels in 2014, and are set to have a healthy 2017 after a strong start to the year, the adviser claimed.

Andrew Marston, CBRE national research director, said: “The UK regions are looking stronger than ever, with high levels of investment, active development and a wide variety of planned infrastructure.

“2018 will be a year for regional mayors to really prove their worth.

“They have the ability to develop a powerful and (literally) single-minded vision about the place they want their city to become.

“However, the power and deliverability of that vision will depend on the political clout that city leaders can muster at the ballot box.”

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