British infrastructure

Improving construction productivity could save £15bn a year

New plans to revolutionise British infrastructure and boost the construction sector’s productivity could save a staggering £15bn a year.


The new plans were revealed alongside the national infrastructure and construction pipeline, which sets out projects for the next 10 years.

The £600bn pipeline includes both public and private investment, delivering certainty to the industry that there is great appetite to develop infrastructure and will encourage the sector to invest in technology and skills to meet demand.

The Transforming Infrastructure Performance programme outlines how the government will ensure the projects are delivered swiftly and efficiently.

The programme contains ambitious plans to transform infrastructure delivery over the long-term, using the government’s authority to push modern methods of construction so the UK can lead the world in high-tech building.

“We are backing Britain with a record amount of infrastructure investment as we build an economy fit for the future,” said Andrew Jones MP, exchequer secretary to the Treasury.
“That’s why we’re working with the industry to skill up and scale up for the challenges ahead.

“Investing in infrastructure boosts productivity for the economy as a whole.

“The scale of the investment we are talking about here will deliver a step change for our country.”

Transport secretary Chris Grayling added: “We’re undertaking the most ambitious improvements in our transport network this country has seen for decades.

“But we must also drive forward plans to ensure these infrastructure projects are completed on time and on budget.”

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