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Homes England to launch new framework to speed up housebuilding

Homes England is set to launch the procurement of its new multidisciplinary and technical services framework.


At the end of the month, Homes England will launch the framework which will broaden the range of technical and design services available to support Homes England’s and other public bodies’ work to accelerate the delivery of new homes.

The frameworks will provide direct access to professional, technical and design services, to form the strong working relationships needed within service providers to prepare land for housing development and disposal to market.

It will also provide Homes England and other public sector bodies with an OJEU compliant and efficient means to procure technological and design services, to help support the government’s ambition to deliver 300,000 homes a year by the middle of the next decade.

“This will be the fifth generation of our multidisciplinary framework and our biggest yet, demonstrating Homes England’s expanded role in bringing together land and expertise to speed up the building of new homes,” said Stephen Kinsella, director for land at Homes England.

“We want to create strong working relationships with a wider range of companies who can provide valuable technical advice and design expertise to help accelerate housing development, deliver value for money and great places to live.”

The framework – which is valued at £150m – will replace Home England’s current framework that expires in November 2018.

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