Ali Celiker

British Pearl launches after securing £7m investment

Lord Stanley Fink has led a £7m investment in a new UK property investment platform that has recently launched.


British Pearl offers both debt and equity investments in individual property deals in one place.

This enables investors to split their investments between fractional equity ownership of property and to act as mortgage lenders.

British Pearl’s debt product enables investors to “earn like a bank” with the added bonus that their investments can be held in a tax-efficient Isa wrapper.

The platform’s property loans are between 50-70% LTV and each property is ring-fenced in a standalone holding company, separate from the liabilities of other investments.

“Our goal is to give investors the all-important choice as to how they invest in the properties they select, whether the reduced risk associated with conservative LTV property loans, the greater potential upside of equity stakes or a mixture of both,” said Ali Celiker, CEO and co-founder of British Pearl (pictured above).

“Ultimately, we’re empowering people to design and diversify their investment portfolios to suit their own specific needs and individual risk profiles.”

Meanwhile, Stanley added: “Despite the doom-laden predictions that are being mooted because of Brexit, I’m backing British Pearl and UK property for three reasons: first, the country is in desperate need of new homes, which the government is working hard to provide, so the fundamentals are strong and the property market still presents many attractive opportunities.

“Second, property has been one of the most consistent, profitable and trusted asset classes in recent times; and, third, British Pearl is not only making property investment accessible, but giving people two different ways to invest in it through one platform. 

“We know investors don’t always want all their money tied up in property equity investment, so we’re giving them the option to diversify their portfolio into debt within the same platform.” 

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