Crawley Council

Unite names 15th council to back construction charter

Crawley Council is the latest to give its backing to a Unite Construction Charter that seeks to ensure that conditions for workers on construction projects under local authority control in Crawley meet the highest standards.

Peter Lamb, leader of the council, has included the commitment in the Labour council’s manifesto.

The charter commits to working with Unite to achieve the highest standards in respect of direct employment status, health and safety, standards of work, apprenticeship training and the implementation of appropriate nationally agreed terms and conditions of employment.

“Everyone has the right to a safe working environment and the conditions set out in Unite's Construction Charter should ensure construction workers are treated fairly and safely on council projects,” said Peter.

“I don't see this as setting an example, it's really the least that any employer should do.

“The council has ambitious plans to invest in affordable homes and to regenerate the town centre as part of a wider economic development and regeneration programme.

“The charter will cover important local authority construction projects, including a range of residential, commercial and public realm improvements.”

A Unite spokesperson said: “Unite has signed construction charters with 15 councils and there are several more currently in the pipeline and under consultation.”

Ian Woodland, regional secretary for the South East at Unite, added: “We welcome Crawley Council’s significant commitment to construction workers.

“Unite’s Construction Charter will help local workers to operate in a safe environment on construction sites and to ensure they can raise health and safety issues without fear. 

“The council is involved in a number of important projects and workers on those projects will be able to work under the highest standards.” 

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