Ian Boots

Vatbridge provides £155,000 funding for Cheshire pub

Vatbridge has provided a £155,000 facility to fund the VAT on the purchase of a building in Cheshire which is to be used as a public house.


The specialist lender had to overcome a number of hurdles, such as the many and varied queries which were raised by the VAT office, as well as notable differences in the details held for the client’s bank account and the records held by HMRC.

As a result, by working closely with all parties, Vatbridge was able to help the business to reclaim the VAT in 75 days.

Ian Boots, general manager at Vatbridge (pictured above), said: “The Vatbridge recovery team worked tirelessly liaising between HMRC and our client to bring the funds back to ourselves in the shortest time period possible.

“Although this was not the easiest of cases, the recovery team were kept on their toes and were able to reclaim the HMRC funds in good time, bringing the deal to a successful conclusion.”

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