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UK housebuilding failing to keep pace with fastest growing towns and cities

House building in the UK is failing to keep pace with the population growth in the UK’s fastest growing towns and cities, according to new research.


A new study by P2P lender BLEND Network found that just 4,220 new homes were built in Belfast between 2011-2017, despite a population increase of 59,989 people.

During the same period, the Brighton population increased by 14,900 but only 1,070 new houses were built, while Birmingham saw 5,650 homes built with some 64,200 new residents moving into the city.

Commenting on the research, Roxanna Mohammadian-Molina, chief strategy officer at BLEND Network, said there P2P lender was set up with the intention of helping to “alleviate the housing crisis”.

She said: “…The scale of the current UK housing crisis means there is far more work that needs to be done otherwise house prices will remain [unaffordable], and for many, the dream of home ownership may never be realised.”

Meanwhile 4,420 houses were built in Cambridge as the population increased by 1,000, which is equivalent to just over four homes per new resident. 

Yann Murciano, chief executive at BLEND Network, claimed that the UK may not be building homes in the “right places”.

“There is clearly a need for greater house building in Belfast, Manchester, Coventry and Birmingham for instance, but perhaps less so in cities like Glasgow, Swansea or Sunderland.”

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