LGA to support larger projects in Housing Advisers Programme

The Local Government Association (LGA) has launched its third year of the Housing Advisers Programme to help councils overcome housing challenges.

The LGA will be supporting larger, strategic housing projects this year, however, it won’t be supporting as many as in previous years.

In the previous two years, the LGA has funded more than 100 councils through the initiative to help them build homes, reduce homelessness and plan for ageing populations.

It has also helped councils to understand the student housing market, as well as increase their supply of modular housing.

The programme will award up to £50,000 for each project, which will allow councils to secure advice in transforming how a service or partnership meets the housing needs of communities.

Cllr Martin Tett, housing spokesman at LGA, said: “The country’s housing crisis is forcing difficult choices on families, distorting places, hampering growth and putting significant pressure on local services and council budgets.

“However, local government is at the heart of the solution. 

“The LGA’s Housing Advisers Programme can make a huge difference to councils and the communities they serve.

“The programme aims to help councils deliver local priorities and can be a valuable source of expertise to councils wishing to innovate and improve in their efforts to build more homes, reduce homelessness, and plan prosperous places and economies.

“It’s well worth councils who haven’t already done so looking at the programme and seeing how it can benefit them — a simple visit to the website is all that’s needed.”

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