Government commits £2.9m investment for flood protection

The government has committed £2.9m of extra funding to better protect communities against the impact of flooding.


Following an evaluation process, environment minister Thérèse Coffey has confirmed that three projects across Yorkshire, Devon and Cornwall, and central England will receive up to £700,000 each to improve the research into, and uptake of, property-level measures which can better protect homes and businesses from flooding.

The investment will also contribute towards new research initiatives, demonstration centres and advice portals, with the remaining funds used to finance further research, support project delivery and evaluation.

“I am delighted to award funding to the pathfinder flood resilience projects in the Ox-Cam arc, Yorkshire and the South West,” said Coffey.

“I expect the councils and organisations involved will increase the take up of property resilience measures by homeowners and businesses, making their properties safer, and quicker to return to if flooding does happen.”

Emma Howard Boyd, chair at the Environment Agency, added: “This new funding is a welcome step forward for our efforts to boost the uptake of property-level resilience measures in homes and businesses across the country.”

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