Darren Baker

Peritus Corporate Finance to launch commercial adviser network

Peritus Corporate Finance is set to roll out a new network for self-employed commercial advisers next month.

The ‘mini network’ will give advisers access to full compliance and IT support, and an extensive lender panel.

It will also provide back-office support to advisers, from deal sourcing through to completion, allowing advisers to spend their time finding new clients and dealing with existing ones.

Advisers will be able to either work under their own branding or under the Peritus banner, as an appointed representative, if they choose to do so.

Darren Baker, CEO at Peritus Group (pictured above), told Bridging & Commercial that Peritus created a mini network under its Peritus Private Finance mortgage arm around two years ago.

It now has up to nine advisers using the Peritus Private Finance network service, with two more in the pipeline to join.

Darren stated that the private finance network had a good core offering.

“[Advisers] get marketing support, IT support—the whole range of services. 

“All the things that I used to miss as an adviser, we provide.

“And we're going to roll a similar thing out with Peritus Corporate Finance for self-employed commercial advisers as well.

“…You have a lot of small [advisers] who are running their own shop and they find it difficult to work with the big networks because, maybe, they're not getting the love that they need.”

He claimed that the service allowed advisers to flourish and tackle cases that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to.

“We like to be a value-add, we don’t just want to be a broker who's trying to get fees. 

“It's all about adding value to the transaction.”

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