Miranda Khadr

Yellow Stone Finance saves client 4% per year on care home development

Yellow Stone Finance has reduced the cost of a care home development, which has saved its client 4% per year.


The client wanted to convert a care home — which is currently in full operation — into flats and required a loan to refinance an existing balance as well as raise extra funds to apply for the planning permission.

As the client had a low LTV deal and a good track record, Yellow Stone Finance was able to improve on an existing rate offered by another broker by 4% per year.

Miranda Khadr, founder of Yellow Stone Finance (pictured above), said: “It’s a competitive lender market and there are great deals available even for clients with relatively complex circumstances, like refinancing a care home to fund redevelopment.

“The key to achieving these rates is working with a broker that has expertise and experience in specialist finance and strong relationships with lenders. 

“Brokers who are less experienced in this market may be able to place a deal, but how do they know they are securing their clients the best deal?

“It’s often a good idea to partner with an expert to ensure the best possible client outcome.”

Yellow Stone Finance recently rescued the completion of a £350,000 development exit loan in just two days.

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