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FJP Investment eyes international growth

FJP Investment has revealed that it is targeting international expansion for the next stage of its growth.

In an exclusive interview with Development Finance Today, Jamie Johnson, CEO and co-founder at FJP Investment (pictured above), said that it was looking to replicate its success in the UK market overseas with the introduction of new offices.

The company — which is an introducer of UK property-based investments to a global audience of high-net-worth investors — has been expanding its office presence this year, including a new London office.

Around 60% of its investors are UK-based, with the rest from overseas.

Jamie claimed that Hong Kong was the first destination it would look to open a new office, while Dubai, Doha and Singapore were also desired locations.

He hopes to open a Hong Kong office within the next six months, but stated that it was waiting until Brexit was sorted.

“If we're going to target Hong Kong in a scalable way, then really the product that we’re going to want to take to Hong Kong is … ‘Come and invest in the UK.’

“So, we're not going to want to do that just yet, until this UK [Brexit] business is sorted out.”

Despite the international expansion, it would still focus on UK property developments.

“…We’ve come up with this project in France [and] we’ve got a project in Portugal, which we're launching in the next couple of weeks — but this is really a temporary measure; our main business is the UK.

“…So, the UK is always going to be where we want to raise our finance for.”

The firm sources funding for developments between £2m–10m with interest rates at typically 1% per month for terms between 12–36 months.

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