Heritage preservation

Communities secretary to protect 'thousands' of historic buildings through preservation campaign

Communities secretary Robert Jenrick has launched a heritage preservation campaign which will protect “thousands” of historic buildings.

Every local authority across England will be expected to draw up lists of buildings which have significant historical and cultural value to the area.

This is part of what has been described as the “most ambitious” local heritage campaign for 40 years.

Heritage assets will be nominated by local people and supported by a team of heritage experts.

In addition, there’s a £700,000 fund to help 10 English counties identify areas which need protecting.

“…I’ve launched the most ambitious heritage preservation campaign for decades,” said Jenrick.

“This will empower local people to protect thousands of historic buildings and preserve them for future generations.

“Getting more buildings locally listed isn’t just about keeping a building intact — it keeps a community’s identity thriving.”

Nicky Morgan, culture secretary, added: “Our built heritage is one of the things that makes England one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

“By encouraging more local listings, we will ensure that buildings are protected for future generations, so that the benefits heritage brings are felt right across the country.”

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