Adam Simmons

Platinum Rise Capital Partners aims to bring Chinese manufacturing into UK modular market

Platinum Rise Capital Partners is aiming to “bridge the gap” between UK and Chinese modular manufacturing.


The investment and development company is made up of five subsidiary businesses: development finance platform Alpha SPC, sales and marketing company Platinum Rise Real Estate, modular construction company Modcon Global, project management company Platinum Rise Finance and furniture packs company Décor8 Interiors Ltd.

A “fresh approach” to Chinese manufacturing has been taken by the company, according to Adam Simmons, co-CEO at Platinum Rise Capital Partners (pictured above), in an exclusive interview with Development Finance Today.

“A lot of people have shied away from China manufacturing in the past, whereas we've come in and taken a fresh approach looking at how can we turn [Chinese] manufacturing into something that is [more] acceptable for the west.”

Adam highlighted that concerns over the quality of Chinese manufacturing was a potential reason why people have not been so keen on such products.

“…I would say what we're probably looking to do is bring Chinese-backed manufacturing, in terms of modular, into the UK [in a way that it] hasn't been done before … we're bridging that gap, not only by quality, but also by capital.”

Platinum Rise Capital Partners recently revealed plans to strengthen its UK modular housing foothold.

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