Joseph Daniels

By focusing on land supply, Labour shows determination to look at 'real causes' of housebuilding declines

Joseph Daniels, founder of Project Etopia (pictured above), has claimed that the Labour party manifesto’s housing policy shows that they are “determined to look properly at the real causes behind periodic declines in housebuilding”.


Labour have pledged to bring “system-wide change” as part of their housing policy.

More specifically, Labour intend to introduce a £1bn fire safety fund as well as effectively tackle the current housing crisis.

Labour also highlighted that under the present Conservative government, a “free hand” has been given to commercial property developers, which will be tackled through the implementation of “use it or lose it” taxes on stalled housing developments.

“By going after land banking developers and focusing on the crucial element of land supply, Labour have really shown they are determined to look properly at the real causes behind periodic declines in housebuilding,” said Joseph.

“This is what the industry needs, far more than housebuilding pledges that lack any real roadmap for how they will be delivered, which is what we’ve seen from parties in the past.

“Talk is often cheap, and the industry is crying out for meaningful change to allow developers to unlock land and bring it forward for development. 

“If this is achieved, the country could see a real turning point in public policy to help solve the housing crisis.”

Responding to the Conservative manifesto's housing policy, Jospeh commented that the fact that modern methods of construction (MMC) got a mention was "no accident". 

"Mainstream interest in MMC is established and policymakers now regard offsite construction as the lifeboat that brings a target of 300,000 new homes a year into achievable focus.”

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