Matt Pigram

Maslow Capital to launch client feedback portal

Maslow Capital has revealed that it will be introducing a client feedback portal later this year.

The development finance provider plans to implement the feedback element at the start of Q2 2020, while looking to commence work on the full portal during that quarter. 

On the completion and then redemption of a facility, Maslow’s clients will be given the option to provide an assessment of the service, enabling the lender to collect client feedback and further improve the quality of its business.

In an exclusive interview with Development Finance Today, Matt Pigram, head of deal origination at Maslow Capital (pictured above), said that the portal would be introduced to “streamline” as well as “polish” the current process.

“We continually want to strive to offer the best service in the industry, and making use of technology is a big part of that.”

Matt highlighted that, although important, rates were only one factor considered by the client.

“[Rates are] not the be all and end all for people. 

“It's the certainty of funding, the approach that you take throughout the funding cycle.

“Everybody can improve, nobody's perfect, and it'll be an interesting way for us to collect feedback from the clients.”

Maslow has appointed Lee Ewart as a systems developer to progress several key initiatives that the lender has in the pipeline, with the client feedback portal being one of them.

“There might be one thing that really [bothers] one person and, with another, it could be something completely different.

“If it's something which we could tweak and change and [as a result] make one person’s experience clearer, cleaner and [more] efficient, then that's what we'll do.”

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