Stephen Wasserman

Stephen Wasserman launches National Housing Group to provide affordable accommodation

Stephen Wasserman (pictured above), founder and former managing director of West One Loans, has launched National Housing Group (NHG) to provide modern and affordable living accommodation.

In November 2019, Stephen stepped down from his role in Enra Group’s bridging division, having worked at the business for 14 years.

He set up NHG in January this year, with a focus on working with individuals that require housing and partnering with organisations (such as housing associations and charities) that support those needs.

The group acquires property, in addition to constructing, refurbishing and managing housing for people in need of assistance.

“We are looking to help support an area of the market that really needs it,” Stephen told Development Finance Today.

“Our construction team [is] currently onsite finishing a property in Enfield to house [people] during the Covid-19 crisis.

“As an organisation, we are taking all the necessary steps of social distancing and utilising technology where possible to assist.”

While the business is currently funding the acquisition and conversion of properties itself, it has “ambitious growth plans” and will be looking at utilising the mortgage market to assist.

“The specialist market comes into its own in uncertain times,” Stephen said.

“These lenders have the ability to understand risk, take a commercial approach and price accordingly.

“At NHG, we are securing long-term sustainable income — hopefully, this will be well received by any potential funding partners.”

He added that the contacts and experience he had gained at West One were “invaluable”.

“Shortly after launching West One, we entered turbulent times,” he explained.

“This feels similar in respect to the uncertain economic climate. 

“Hopefully, I can emulate the success of West One.”

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