Kevin Stewart

Minister backs CIVC Forum's call to keep construction workers free from abuse

The Construction Industry Coronavirus (CIVC) Forum has put together a list of essential construction work to help the public understand the range of work classified as essential.

The Forum’s members have reported an increasing number of tradespeople being intimidated and verbally abused by the public while carrying out legitimate projects in line with CICV Forum guidelines.

The Forum’s list of essential work that is permitted, includes:

  • Removal of elements in danger of collapse, e.g. cladding
  • Repair and construction of critical road and utility infrastructure
  • Emergency call-out services, e.g. electrical, plumbing, glazing and roofing 
  • Making inhabited buildings safe and watertight
  • Domestic repairs to ensure occupants’ safety and wellbeing e.g. the elderly
  • Repair and maintenance of essential buildings e.g. fire and police stations
  • Safe operation of faulty heating and water systems 
  • Essential inspections to prevent health outbreaks
  • Supply of materials for these and other essential COVID-19 projects.

Kevin Stewart, minister for local government, housing and planning (pictured above), said: “It is important that the public understand that there is still a need for essential works to be carried out in these challenging times and industry professionals should be able to complete repairs in safety, without fear of criticism and rebuke.”

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