Webinars aimed at housebuilding professionals train over 30,000 participants

The warranty and insurance provider for new homes in the UK, NHBC, has scaled up its virtual training to reach over 30,000 participants.

The online training is aimed at housebuilding professionals and has covered areas from foundations to finishes, with other key build stages addressed in between.

In early April, NHBC transitioned from two webinars per month to two per day.

Many of its popular courses that have traditionally been delivered in a classroom setting have now been adapted for virtual learning.

Darryl Stewart, head of training and analysis at NHBC, said: “We have been truly astounded by the success of our virtual training — supporting 30,000 participants in two months is a milestone we are hugely proud to have reached.

“Initially rolled out to provide housebuilders with extra support during lockdown, we now see virtual learning as an integral part of NHBC’s training offer and look forward to supporting thousands more housebuilding professionals over the coming months.”

Scott Bremmer, construction manager at Cala Homes, added: “Most of the site management team have been attending the NHBC webinars over the last couple of months and found them to be very informative. 

“They were more than willing to sign up and do the training from home.”

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