An interview with Salboy's Miz Herrera: 'We offer much more than money to borrowers'

In an exclusive filmed interview with DFT, Miz Herrera, business development manager at Salboy, discusses the experience of being both a developer and lender and how that assists with assessing the feasibility of deals, and why what it has to offer extends far beyond just money.


Miz (featured in the video, above) explained to DFT that having “invaluable, live and inside construction knowledge” as both a developer and lender helps the business foresee problems that may arise. 

“[This] makes sure that any deals we get involved with come to a positive end,” he said. 

He stated that, in its lending capacity, it understands the changes and circumstances of the development so that it can try and tie in specific solutions early on. 

“As a builder, we understand that cashflow/liquidity is key throughout the construction process,” he added, stating that this is why its lending side has devised an efficient drawdown process that means that funds are ready to be sent out to borrowers, following QS inspections, “within hours” of being requested.

“This is what makes us truly unique.”

Miz added that Salboy offers “much more than money” to customers.

“Regardless of a borrower’s experience, we are able to assist in any way, shape or form,” he said.

“Because we are relatively big and deliver thousands of units every single year, we can assist with materials that you cannot [obtain] or labour you perhaps cannot [source].”

He explained that, while it’s not the lender’s responsibility, it is its moral duty, since all deals are on a 50:50 basis.

“The happier they are, the more successful the deal will become and, therefore, [will result in] more repeated business.

“It’s a symbiotic relationship that we nurture from the word ‘go’.”

DFT asked Miz what his and Salboy’s main ambitions are for the company this year.

“…To support good borrowers all over the UK with sound, tailored and one-of-a-kind funding.

“In the same way, we seek to keep on looking for deals that deliver top products at a suitable price. 

“You can build good quality at a reasonable price; we do it as a developer and we’ve seen it day-in and day-out through borrowers. 

“Purchasing properties, let’s not forget, will always be a defining moment in anyone’s life. 

“Many people underestimate the power of purchasing your first property. 

“For many of the clients that seek the products that our borrowers deliver, that is at the core of the decision-making process.”

The interview can be viewed in full, below.


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    Miz Herrera

    Hi Ge Ward, we do indeed. Brokers are the backbone of this industry so please feel free to email me on [email protected]

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    Ge Ward

    Be interesting to know if Salboy work with introducers or are they direct to client?

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