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Property development consultancy Trust Financial launches

Trust Financial, a new turnkey solution consultancy offering services covering every potential stage of a development project, has officially launched.

The firm will handle every element from site identification, project team appointment, and finance procurement, through to drawdown due diligence, construction, and exit strategy.

It will deal with necessary planning permissions and appointing the right project team of professionals, including architects, contractors and selling agents.

In addition, it can arrange finance with suitable lenders and handle the associated requirements and liaison with valuers, surveyors and legal teams.

Trust Financial can also help with exit strategies based on the client’s intentions upon completion, by either helping to refinance the development facility onto a longer-term solution, or identifying suitable estate agents, monitoring the sales of the completed units, and ensuring the client’s facilities have been repaid in full.

The business is headed up by Anil Sehmi (pictured above, second left), who has over 25 years of experience in business development banking, having previously held roles at Paragon Development Finance, Clydesdale Bank, HBOS and RBS.

“There is a real increase in appetite and opportunity at the moment as the restrictions that quelled the market are now easing, and development opportunities are soaring as land becomes available again coupled with high demand for new housing,” said Anil.

“Developers are also looking to repurpose offices, retail or hospitality venues that are no longer needed as originally intended.

“With so many elements to consider in development projects, some clients may want expert guidance to help them through, while other experienced developers may be very familiar with the processes involved but simply want to hand over certain or all aspects so they can concentrate on other projects or investments. 

“Trust will be perfectly placed to help these developers, assisting with as much or as little of the services they require, whether that’s complete management of all aspects of the process, or just a few of the services. 

“The key offering is our in-depth industry knowledge and contacts book which facilitates a seamless process for clients — regardless of the size or complexity of the project.”

As part of the wider ARMCO group, Trust Financial clients will benefit from its expertise and services, including specialist insurance, tax solutions and land planning.

The company will also work in partnership with specialist finance brokerage Finance 4 Business, which is part of the ARMCO group.

Earlier this year, the ARMCO group launched land procurement firm Atlas Land & Planning and specialist lender Chordis Capital

Pictured above: Paul Atkinson, director at Finance 4 Business; Anil Sehmi, director at Trust Financial; Melanie Johnson, director at Finance 4 Business; David Pinnington, CEO at Finance 4 Business.

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