Naismiths launches proprietary construction analytics platform

Naismiths has revealed a new analytics platform that aims to revolutionise the due diligence process for property developments.

The real estate consultancy’s newly-formed analytics division marks the first time it has developed a digital analytics platform, using its own data gained from the monitoring of thousands of property development projects.

The data-led investment means that the team can now more accurately predict and monitor cost, risk and programme duration.

Further capabilities include the ability to stress-test assumptions on all the key project variables and consider the risk profile of an entire property portfolio.

Richard Winson, director of analytics at Naismiths, commented: “By fully understanding the key metrics and risk factors, we can use our data and insights to assist a wide range of stakeholders.

“We are confident that our new platform will revolutionise the due diligence process and bolster confidence when it comes to stakeholders making key decisions about property developments.”

Ben Harwood, managing director at Naismiths, added: “This is a significant step for us as we embrace a digital approach in the evolution of how we appraise and monitor projects more effectively.

“I expect great things from the new division and we are very proud to launch this platform as a business first for us.”

Pictured above L-R: Richard Winson, director of analytics; Andrew Towill, associate director; and Matthew Law, director

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