Government reveals future homes standard assessment

The government has reveals its new future homes standard assessment, a methodology designed to assess new homes’ compliance with the 2025 future homes standard (FHS).

The Home Energy Model: FHS assessment builds on the government’s new home energy model, which will replace the existing Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for the energy rating of dwellings.

When assessing the energy performance of a new home, standardised assumptions need to be used for e.g. occupancy and occupant behaviour (what temperature the thermostat is set at, how much hot water is used etc.).

The government says that this provides a consistent assessment process and ensures that all new homes are treated fairly.

Other assumptions (e.g. the carbon intensity of electricity) are used to calculate the performance metrics that will determine a home’s compliance with the FHS.

The assessment will be implemented alongside the FHS in 2025. 

The consultation has been published while the home energy model: FHS assessment is still at a formative stage, to enable industry to participate in the ongoing development process.

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