Birchgrove and Hybr launch intergenerational living scheme

Birchgrove, a UK provider of rented retirement homes, and Hybr, a student letting platform, have revealed an intergenerational living scheme which will see students and key workers live alongside retirees in the same purpose-built, privately rented retirement development.

When launched in October this year, 16 apartments across the third and fourth floors will be offered exclusively to trainee doctors and nurses from the local hospital, university post-graduates and graduate scheme students.

The scheme has been designed to generate a vibrant community by harnessing the benefits of intergenerational living, with several pieces of research highlighting how the model is physically and mentally beneficial for both the young and elderly.

The students will live at Ayrton House on short-term tenancies running until June 2025, sharing communal facilities with the development’s retirees — including full access to the gym and the same subsidised rates in the restaurant.

Furthermore, the rent on the 16 student units will be approximately 50% of market value.

At the end of the tenancies in June 2025, the 16 student units will be vacated and restored to first use state, before being let to retirees. 

Honor Barratt, CEO at Birchgrove

Honor Barratt, CEO at Birchgrove, said: “Traditionally, intergenerational living took the form of generations of the same family residing together in a single household.

“Today, we are pioneering a new model: one that brings different generations together within the same purpose-built housing development.

“It’s a unique approach, one that we’re hugely excited about, and that we believe will really benefit both young and elderly residents alike.”

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