London top region for residential institutional investment says Downing research

London, the West Midlands and the South West are key areas for institutional investment according to new research by Downing LLP.

30% of those questioned selected London as their top choice, while the South East came in at second with 21%, the South West with 16% was third, the West Midlands came at fourth with 12% while at fifth was the north East at 6%.

27% of respondents working for private sector and public sector pension funds, family offices and insurance asset managers questioned, said location had become much more important while 73% said it had become slightly more important.

Almost all (99%) of respondents agreed that location was important when choosing to invest in residential property lending through lending to developer, while around 50% said it was very important.

Parik Chandra, partner and head of specialist lending at Downing LLP said: “Institutional investors are very much focused on lending to developers working in the residential property market and recognise the importance of location and region when choosing projects to support.

“While London and the South East are seen as offering the most attractive opportunities for investment other regions of the UK are also popular underlining the need for institutions to work with specialist lenders who have an established track record and on the ground experience.”


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