Scottish housebuilders slam ‘hugely disappointing’ supply figures

Scottish housebuilders slam 'hugely disappointing' supply figures

Housebuilding industry body Homes for Scotland has labelled the current residential construction output as “hugely disappointing".


Data released by the Scottish government has indicated that the number of new homes completed in the 2015-16 period has fallen by 2% compared with the previous year.

In total, 15,854 new homes were completed in Scotland in 2015-16, whereas 16,209 were built in the previous year.

In response to both this news and the debate by Members of Scottish Parliament regarding the levels of investment for more homes, Karen Campbell, director of policy at Homes for Scotland, said: “On this important day of discussion on our country’s housing crisis, the Scottish government has pointed to the ‘stability’ in new supply when figures actually show a decline.

“The simple fact is that while Scotland's population has increased to its highest ever level, the supply of housing continues to lag ever further behind.

“This is hugely disappointing news for all those looking for a new home and will place further pressure on rents and house prices as demand continues to grow.

“We want to see a return to pre-recession levels of building around 25,000 new homes a year by the end of this parliament, which requires a year-on-year increase of at least 10%. 

“We all have a valuable part to play in achieving this if we are to meet the diverse needs, aspirations and life journeys of all those living in Scotland.”

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