Platform launches £2.5m raise for pub redevelopment

The Downing Crowd has launched a £2.5m crowdfunding raise for the redevelopment of a historic pub in Berkshire.

The Royal Foresters pub is owned by Oakman Property Limited, who are looking to embark on a total renovation and refurbishment of the existing site. 

Subject to planning permissions, Oakman aims to create a high-quality pub restaurant with letting rooms and has already committed to invest £3.5m in the development of the site. 

Crowdfunding platform Downing Crowd already has a strong relationship with Oakman after raising £4.47m for other sites that Oakman manages.

Downing Crowd Bonds allow investors to lend directly to a wide range of businesses via bonds secured against a company’s assets. 

Investors in the newly launched Royal Foresters Pub Bond can potentially earn up to 7.5% pa interest over a period of up to 18 months, a higher interest rate than what is typically offered on Crowd Bonds reflecting the higher risks involved as the pub is not yet trading. 

“At Downing Crowd, we only invest in established UK businesses, making our Crowd Bonds a great way to see your money make an impact in your local area,” said Julia Groves, head of crowdfunding at Downing Crowd. 

“Downing already has expertise investing in the UK pub sector, having provided more than £85m funding support for 60 pubs across the UK over the last 15-years. 

“And the wealth of sector experience that Oakman Inns brings to the company really sets this particular business apart.” 

Peter Borg-Neal, founder and CEO of Oakman Inns, added that it was a privilege to be able to breathe new life into the historic Royal Foresters site. 

“Crowdfunding investors are helping make this a reality and we are excited to be working again with Downing on this latest project. 

“We’ll also focus on creating local jobs along the way and helping with the community’s wider sustainability efforts, highlighted by our top rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.”

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