Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan launches property design programme

Sadiq Khan has launched his Good Growth by Design programme to enhance the design of buildings and neighbourhoods.


The mayor is calling on London’s architectural, design and built environment professions to help make London a city that is socially and economically inclusive as well as environmentally sustainable.

Fifty design advocates – including architects David Adjaye and Sadie Morgan, and fashion designer Wayne Hemingway – will work with City Hall and councils on the programme.

The programme will set new design standards that will include rigorous design reviews.

A new social enterprise called Public Practice will be launched to place talented designers and planners in local authorities for up to a year.

The firms that City Hall commissions will be pushed to improve the representation of women and people from minority groups.

The programme will also use open procurement processes such as design competitions to seek the highest standards for public projects. 

Mr Khan said: “My vision for London is a city that enables all Londoners to reach their potential, a city that is inclusive and a city where growth brings benefits to communities. 

“London is facing unprecedented population growth and with that comes challenging work, but also amazing opportunities to deliver a city that is socially integrated, sustainable, healthier, safer and with a world-class public realm.”

Just to keep up with demand, London needs to provide space for 46,000 new jobs and build 50,000 new homes a year, as well as building the infrastructure to facilitate both.

“We must embrace London’s rapid growth with both hands and take this chance to use good architecture and planning to make a real difference to the lives of Londoners.

“One of the ways I want to apply the principles of Good Growth is to re-balance development in London away from the high-price homes in central London towards more genuinely affordable homes for all Londoners. 

“This is just one of the ways in which Good Growth has the potential to transform London.

“This programme will ensure we make the most of London’s growth so that every community is able to share in the fruits of development.”

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