St Mark Homes

Property developer launches bond with Crowdstacker

St Mark Homes has launched a bond offering investors 6% pa interest over a 30-month term through the investment platform Crowdstacker.


The property developer aims to raise an initial £2m from the bond which will finance residential developments with the majority of the new homes being eligible for the Help to Buy scheme.

Investors will be able to hold the bonds as part of their annual Isa allowance, or receive tax-free income from it as part of their personal savings allowance.

"Our aim is to source sites where we can build between 10 and 50 new homes of varying sizes, which would typically be sold off-plan,” said Barry Tansey, CEO of St Mark Homes.

“The demand for new housing at this price point remains robust.”

St Mark Homes has been in operation for nearly 20 years and focuses on mid-price range developments.

Its bond is the first fixed income investment offered by Crowdstacker since the platform announced it would be offering more than just peer-to-peer loans.

"Peer-to-peer platforms are naturally evolving towards being a part of mainstream investing options and we see the inclusion of products, such as bonds and loan notes, as a natural extension of what we seek to do: providing good-quality, fixed income investment opportunities for everyday investors," said Karteek Patel, CEO and co-founder of Crowdstacker.

"It also means we can choose the best investment structure for businesses seeking to borrow £1m or more, while giving investors what we know they want: a fixed income, tax-free earnings and the ability to choose where their money is invested.”

Karteek added: "Enabling investors to proactively choose exactly which businesses to make investments with is at the heart of our business model. 

“And by offering our members the chance to invest in St Mark Homes, we are enabling them to gain exposure to the still-buoyant Help to Buy market and support this country's need for high-quality, sensibly priced housing."

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