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Goldentree raises £3,200 for charity

Goldentree Financial Services has announced the result of its Christmas Sprint Challenge, which saw four of its business development managers compete in a 100m race.


The sprint challenge took place on Monday 18th December 2017 at Goldentree’s offices.

The event raised over £1,600 for Royal Bolton Hospital’s neo natal unit, with Goldentree matching this amount.


Goldentree sprint challenge in action

Steve Marsh, managing director at Goldentree, said: “Thanks for supporting the Goldentree Christmas Sprint Challenge.

“On a foggy but dry Monday morning, our four ‘athletes’ lined up in the mist.

“The airhorn sounded and off they went in a blur of pace.

“After some initial jostling for position, Pete Davies hit the front and despite tweaking a groin muscle 30 yards out, he managed to hold on for a famous, if somewhat unstylish, victory.

“Rick finished second, Jake, the pre-race favourite, third and Scott, the experienced old horse, brought up the rear.”

You can watch a video of the race on YouTube.

Pictured above left to right: Jake Sweeney, Scott Hannah, Peter Davies and Rick Wilfan

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