Liverpool City Council

Local plan could deliver 35,000 new homes for Liverpool

Liverpool City Council is set to publish a new 15-year plan that is expected to create nearly 35,000 new homes and develop 370 acres of land for commercial purposes.


Liverpool’s Local Plan went before the council’s cabinet on Friday (19th January) and set out the key priorities for the city’s economy up to 2033.

The plans include:

  • increasing the amount of work space by 370 acres
  • protecting and managing developments affecting open space and the natural and historic environment of the city
  • promoting better quality new homes and increasing the supply of affordable homes
  • managing the over-concentration of certain developments, such as hot-food takeaways and HMOs
  • promoting key development areas especially within the city centre.

Joe Anderson, the mayor of Liverpool, said: “Liverpool is undergoing unprecedented growth and this Local Plan sets out the framework on how and where this will continue and flourish.”

By 2033, Liverpool’s population is expected to increase from 470,000 to 517,000 people.

“This is a hugely vital document and demonstrates our commitment to building new affordable homes and attracting new jobs,” Joe added.

‘’Everyone living and seeking to invest in Liverpool will be affected by this Local Plan, which is why we’ve been consulting with businesses and residents for the past three years – before it is submitted to the secretary of state – to get their views.

“The feedback we’ve had has been extensive and it has helped shape many of the policies which will all help to create a healthier and more prosperous city.”

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