Lanelay Hall

Signature supports Welsh mansion restoration

Edwards Investments has entered the final stages of the multi-million-pound restoration of Lanelay Hall (pictured above) in Pontyclun, south Wales, following a loan from Signature Private Finance.

The Victorian mansion was acquired in November 2015 by local entrepreneur and property developer Dave Edwards.

It is now a boutique B&B comprising 17 bedrooms which are all individually designed with bespoke furniture, carpets and bathrooms.

“It is critical to projects like Lanelay Hall that short-term property financiers like Signature base lending decisions on experience and an understanding of the developer’s vision; not just figures on a spreadsheet,” said Tony Gilbertson, CEO at Signature Private Finance.

“To help developers like Edwards Investments restore a property like this and achieve the breath-taking quality of design and attention to detail, we needed to walk the site and listen to what was being proposed.

“We had to see it for ourselves and witness Dave’s passion to create something extraordinary; which is what he has done.”

Tony added that it was after one of the lender’s many visits that Dave suggested it opened an office in Cardiff, citing the appetite for property development in the region.

“We listened, acted and in the year since opening have appointed Chris Buttle as lending manager to the team in Cardiff, which is reporting a growing list of enquiries for our particular brand of short-term property finance.”

Meanwhile, Dave said that it was refreshing to find a short-term property finance business prepared to look beyond the bald facts and understand his ambition to turn Lanelay Hall into a unique destination.

“We welcomed Tony and his team on site a number of times.

“Impressed with the transformation, Signature has delivered the financial support we need to complete the project and achieve the exceptional quality of finish that sets this hotel apart from anything in the region.”

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