Shojin Property Partners

Shojin Property Partners introduces IFIsa

Shojin Property Partners has launched an Innovative Finance Isa (IFIsa) which allows individuals to invest in property projects through its online platform.


The property investment and development company has a wide variety of IFIsa eligible projects spanning the entire property funding structure, as well as hands-off, BTL investments.

Investment in Shojin’s IFIsa is on a project by project basis, meaning, returns depend upon the project invested in.

Individuals can transfer any existing Isa and invest up to £20,000 in the 2017/18 tax year into Shojin Property Partners’ investments.

Jatin Ondhia, CEO at Shojin Property Partners (pictured above), said IFIsas were great because they encouraged investors to spread their savings across a variety of different asset classes and sectors.

“Given the tax incentives and a wider choice of investment possibilities, it is surprising that over the last year savers either didn’t utilise their full allowance or have invested in a cash Isa which has lost money in real terms when you factor in inflation. 

“We are making it our initiative to educate the market that there are alternatives beyond basic cash Isas out there.

“There are opportunities across a variety of sectors, such as the property market and it is very easy to switch.

“Investors should not only look to take advantage of the tax benefits, but also look to maximise their returns and to diversify their portfolios.”

Shojin has recently used its online platform to raise £2.3m for a mixed-use development in Southampton and £1.53m for a mixed-use scheme in north London.

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