James Brokenshire

Government publishes revised National Planning Policy Framework

Councils in England have been given the power to refuse permission for developments that do not prioritise design quality and do not complement their surroundings.

The revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) – published by secretary of state for communities James Brokenshire (pictured above) – sets out new planning rules to deliver more quality, well-designed homes.

The new rules will encourage councils to use innovative visual tools to promote better design and quality.

Councils will be able to use their knowledge of their area’s unique character and setting to apply these policies in the most appropriate way.

Brokenshire said: “I am clear that quantity must never compromise the quality of what is built, and this is reflected in the new rules.

“We have listened to the tens of thousands of people who told us their views, making this a shared strategy for development in England.”

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