Vincent Bull

Anatomy of a deal

We are often asked where we fit into the timeline of a transaction.


As a highly focused business with a defined target lend, it is not that difficult to answer, but there are a number of reasons a client will approach us to fund the VAT element of a commercial property purchase.

Perhaps the most common scenario is where the prime funder has agreed a facility, but they will not provide funding against the VAT element.

Quite often we will get a call from a purchaser feeling stressed due to the realisation that they cannot persuade their prime funder to assist with the VAT funding.

Inevitably, the timescale will be tight, and we have to understand the needs of the client quickly and be able to swing into action without delay.

There are a number of elements that need to be pulled together at the same time, including a site visit and the necessary collection of information to enable us to make a decision.

Any funder will know that this is never straightforward and probably the most common cause of a delayed completion, despite every effort being made to educate the client regarding the need for any information request to be dealt with quickly.

Having a focus on one form of lending helps us here as there are commonalities across most enquiries in respect of the data needed to turn an enquiry into a formal offer.

Fortunately, we all know that most deadlines are not written in stone and are rarely met due to the number of parties involved, but this cannot be relied upon and, so, we have to be mindful that a complacent attitude may lead to a client being let down.

Better to be the funder that is ready to go while the other parties come to the table when ready.

Any service-based business knows that the colour of money is the same wherever it is borrowed from, but a desire to deliver a good quality client experience in a timely manner is what will set any business apart and encourage new business.

Working extensively with developers, it is crucial that we understand their business and deliver solutions that enable them to secure the deal and maximise returns by being able to complete when required.

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