Downing Crowd launches property development bond offer

Downing Crowd has introduced a new property development bond offer as it looks to raise £50m for SME property developers.

The new bond offering is part of the investment platform’s 12-month programme to raise the funds which will also be used to support small businesses that want to develop their premises, such as pubs and care homes.

As of June 2018, Downing Crowd said that £38m worth of loans had already been committed from this loan book as well as an expected pipeline of further property loans totalling over £24m.

The investment platform recently backed Cornwell Construction with a £5.1m loan to support the delivery of an affordably priced housing scheme.

The bond offer will give investors a choice of two fixed rates either paying 4.5% pa for investing until August 2019, or 5.5% pa until 2020.

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