RICS calls on industry to embrace modern construction methods

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has called on the government and construction industry to embrace modern methods of construction (MMC).


Its ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ paper recommends the use of alternative methods, such as off-site modular housing and proptech to aid modern day housing delivery.

RICS felt that the government was falling short of its housebuilding targets and has encouraged it to incentivise builders to speed up delivery with modern methods.

Mike Basquill, associate director of residential at RICS, said: “For many, affording their own home is currently out of reach due to numerous factors.

“Current solutions in play have not and cannot meet the needs of the supply lag in the housing market, nor address affordability issues, and we need to go further.

“In some parts of the sector there are issues with low productivity, variable quality, output lagging behind target and slim margins for builders.

“Government appreciates the benefits of MMC in addressing these and have referenced technical innovation in recent announcements.

“If designers, investors, developers, commissioners, constructors and lenders embrace fully what MMC can offer, it will most certainly help increase supply and speed up delivery of homes.”

Abdul Choudhury, policy manager at RICS, added that modern methods of construction offered the potential to revitalise the sector.

“MMC has the potential to drive up housebuilding but needs to be used at scale.

“The construction sector is playing its part to push through these innovations but government has a substantial role and responsibility to support the sector in achieving its ambitions.”

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