Robert Grigg

HTB secures ENABLE Guarantee to support SME housebuilders

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) has secured an ENABLE Guarantee from the British Business Bank (BBB) to help it finance SME housebuilders across the UK.


The transaction is expected to allow the specialist bank and BBB to support the building of new housing to a value of over £500m over the lifetime of the guarantee.  

The guarantee encourages banks to increase their lending to SMEs by reducing the amount of capital required to be held against such lending.

HTB has said that it will allocate this additional capital to increase funding to SMEs across the UK in order to fund further growth across the sector.

“We are committed to helping SME housebuilders make the most of the opportunities available to them,” said Robert Grigg, executive chairman of development finance at HTB (pictured above). 

“The ENABLE Guarantee will bolster our ability to support the development and financing of housing in the UK. 

“Working with SME housebuilders up and down the country, we can continue to drive housebuilding activity. 

“Hampshire Trust Bank is focused on developing strong and lasting business relationships and this announcement demonstrates the benefits of co-operative private and state sector engagement.”

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