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Homes England announces seven new strategic partnerships

Homes England has confirmed seven new strategic partnerships with housing associations.


The housing associations are Platform Housing Group, Guinness and Stonewater (in partnership), Optivo, Southern Housing Group, Orbit, Thirteen and Vivid.

The partnerships were announced in the Autumn Budget and will secure £653m of grant funding from the affordable homes programme to deliver such homes.

Guinness and Stonewater will be provided with the largest amount of funding – a £224m grant to deliver 4,500 additional affordable housing starts to March 2022.

These new deals are in addition to the eight housing association partnerships already in place and will bring the total number of additional affordable homes that will be delivered to 27,755.

Jackie Jacob, general manager for affordable housing programmes at Homes England, said: “Homes England is working with housing associations across England who are prepared to be more ambitious to significantly increase housing delivery and we welcome these seven new partnerships announced in the Budget 2018.

“We have challenged housing associations to respond to a new way of engaging strategically with Homes England and the response has been excellent – we hope to be announcing more partnerships between Homes England and housing associations in the coming months.”

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