Planning permission

New review claims planning appeal decisions could be cut by five months

The government has published an independent review into planning appeal inquiries which could drive down the time taken to decide appeals from an average of 47 weeks to just 26.

The report stated that the most contentious planning cases could be decided up to five months faster, and some in half the time.

The report by Bridget Rosewell, a British economist, also suggested that a lack of suitably qualified inspectors was also hampering efforts to set up inquiry hearings on time.

“It’s critical that all parts of the planning system contribute towards the efficient delivery of the homes we need as well as the refusal of those which don’t meet our high standards,” said Bridget.

“My review found, with commitment for all involved, that speeding up inquiries can be achieved through straightforward reforms, shaving months off the current time it takes for inspectors to make a decision.

“I’m pleased my report has been welcomed by the government and the planning inspectorate and look forward to seeing these changes being implemented.”

The final report was published yesterday (12th February).

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