CapitalRise partners with Brismo to provide performance metrics to investors

CapitalRise has partnered with data provider Brismo to supply independently verified metrics to investors.

Brismo gives investors the tools to compare like-for-like metrics across different crowdfunding and P2P investment platforms.

Investors will now be able to compare, segment and download data from CapitalRise, including LTV ratios, outbound lending rates, loan terms, late payments, default rates, recoveries, net return, loss coverage and risk adjusted return.

Uma Rajah, co-founder and CEO at CapitalRise (pictured above), said: “We are firm believers that investors want and deserve clarity and transparency above all else.

“We’re very proud of our investment performance and credit quality and are strong advocates of giving investors access to this data so that they can easily compare us against other platforms.

“We hope this helps break down some barriers for those struggling to select the most suitable platform for their investment needs.”

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