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App which lets customers construct modular home in ten weeks launches

Modular housebuilder Built & Spaces has introduced a new app (pictured on a tablet, above) which enables customers to construct their own home in just 10 weeks.

Build My Home permits the room-by-room customisation of a house and aims to minimise waste during both the manufacturing and construction stages.

For a time-sensitive project, Built & Spaces was able to complete the blueprint for a four-bedroom house within 24 hours.

Manufacturing of the panels is carried out to the company’s specifications over eight weeks before being checked for quality by Built & Spaces staff. 

Foundations are laid over two days before the frame and panels are assembled on site by the modular housebuilder within a week.

Built & Spaces can also estimate labour costs, which makes customers’ quotes more accurate.

The housebuilder is currently working on a web-based version of the software that will allow customers to design their house from their own home.

Steve Wilkie, director at Built & Spaces, said: “Everything we do is based on making the process of creating your own house easier and quicker.

“Our unique app lets customers create their home room by room, adding the spaces and features that are most important to them.

“Customers can be standing inside their constructed house just 10 weeks later thanks to our unique component-led system that lets our staff assemble the home by hand on site.”

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