Simon Corbey

The ASBP launches embodied carbon working group

The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) has launched an embodied carbon-focused working group which will hold its first meeting in London on 10th March.


The body will aim to both guide and educate the industry.

The ASBP was established in 2011 at the Palace of Westminster with the objective of sharing experiences to improve the efficiency of buildings.

It currently has 68 members and is part of a broader alliance with a range of organisations, including the Passivhaus Trust and the Good Homes Alliance. 

The ASBP works with a range of manufacturers and suppliers and its members include architects, structural engineers and contractors.

The embodied carbon working group’s core focus will be on the residential property sector. 

In an exclusive interview with Development Finance Today, Simon Corbey, associate director at the ASBP (pictured above), said: “Chairing [the group] will be my colleague Jane Anderson, who's a lifecycle analysis guru.

“…The idea [is] to write a fairly high level, yet simple, guide around embodied carbon, what it is and how you measure it.

It would also look into the “grey areas of lifecycle analysis”.

Simon felt that the way housebuilders are subcontracted contributed to the lack of sustainability in the industry.

“…Housebuilders are subcontracted and subcontracted and subcontracted,” he said, explaining that teams like this will come together for one site and won’t form together again, and therefore it is “difficult to learn lessons” from one project and take them on to the next.

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