There could be a 'renaissance in outside space' predicts Galliard Homes sales director

In an exclusive interview with Development Finance Today, David Galman, sales director at Galliard Homes (featured in the video, above), predicted that there could be a “renaissance in outside space” and a preference for houses rather than apartments, as a result of the pandemic.


The comment was made with regard to a question on how the needs and wants of consumers will change, due to the Covid-19 crisis, when it comes to purchasing their homes.

“I think one of the things [is] going to be a desire for outside space more than ever,” he stated.

“I sometimes look at some of these developments with no outside space whatsoever and [think], ‘Wow, in this climate, how are people dealing with that?’

“So, I think there will be a renaissance in outside space, [and] maybe there will be a renaissance in starter homebuilding — as in houses, rather than apartments,” he added.

He believed that this might mean more one-bedroom houses with gardens will come to fruition.

A video clip of the interview can be viewed above.

As sites across the country reopen, David envisages that construction staff will work in shifts to adhere to social distancing, but also to catch up on lost, yet valuable, time on site.

The innovation has enabled Galliard’s sales team to steer buyers through over 1,000 of its new London homes for sale, without the purchaser needing to leave their home.

While it has led to some sales, David doesn’t believe there will be “any volume” from it.

However, he expected the tool would continue to be used in the future, as it worked well for the overseas market.

In addition, he has seen other innovations, such as a company which virtually furnishes vacant flats that are not able to be manually furnished in advance of an online tour.

“So, you provide them with the tour and then they plonk in the furniture and you go from there,” he said.

“I mean … it’s a little bit like Sims, isn't it?”

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