Sadiq Khan

London Mayor demands action from over 40 owners of unsafe buildings

The Mayor of London has demanded action from over 40 London landlords to remove dangerous aluminium composite materials (ACM) cladding immediately.

In a letter, Sadiq Khan has urged 47 private building owners and four social landlords who have had funding applications approved but are yet to start remediation work to “take all the necessary steps to accelerate your plans to remove and replace unsafe ACM cladding”.

“More than three years after the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, I am deeply worried to see the number of buildings in London that still have unsafe aluminium composite materials (ACM) cladding,” he wrote in the letter.

“Given the high risk that unsafe ACM presents to residents and visitors, it is unacceptable that remediating buildings is taking so long.”

Building owners can apply for financial assistance in carrying out work to remove and replace dangerous ACM cladding to the Greater London Authority, which administers the government’s Social and Private Sector ACM Cladding Remediation Funds.

So far, 65 buildings owned by social landlords have been allocated funding and 60 buildings owned by private sector landlords have applied to the funds.

This letter comes ahead of the mayor attending the London Building Safety Action summit alongside ministers and borough leaders.

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