Robert Jenrick

Housing ministry set to open new HQ in Wolverhampton

Robert Jenrick has announced that the government will create a second headquarters for the ministry of housing, communities and local government in Wolverhampton.


This will be the first office outside of London with a regular ministerial presence.

At least 500 ministry roles are set to be based across the West Midlands by 2025, with further increases planned by 2030.

Senior civil servants will also be based in Wolverhampton, ensuring this becomes a centre for policy development and decision making.

This is a significant rise on the 300 roles currently in the region and is part of plans to have at least 800 roles outside of London by 2030 — including half of the most senior positions. 

This decision was made to ensure that more local voices are reflected in the creation of government policy.

It also aims to help provide an economic boost to the area and offer improved career paths outside of Whitehall.

Recruitment is already underway, with 40 roles already relocated to the region in the last 12 months.

The government expects to announce the new building for the headquarters in the spring.

“As communities secretary, I am determined to spread opportunity and prosperity to every part of our nation,” said Jenrick.

“With a dual headquarters in Wolverhampton, my department will not only change where we work, but how we work, signalling the end of the Whitehall-knows-best approach. 

“In choosing the city of Wolverhampton, we are also backing our great, smaller cities, some of which have been neglected for too long. 

“We want to raise their stature, encourage civic pride and commercial success.”


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    Kevin Leighton

    I honestly believe it's about time that somebody real!! Somebody from the working class. Somebody who lives by the national minimum wage. Shows the government..shows the local council..shows the country what it is truly like to be an English citizen I'm 2021. Best regards Kevin Leighton

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    Kevin Leighton

    Reading the attachment regarding the housing in Wolverhampton. For to long now housing in the black country as been ignored. For myself, I work 48 hours per week and I rent a very damp and mouldy room. I can provide pictures if needed. It's about time this issue is addressed. When it's noticeable that unemployed people who are living in better homes and conditions than those who work, it's time questions are asked. I am willing to be that voice. Best regards Kevin Leighton

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