Southern Grove

Southern Grove gets green light for £7m development in Enfield

Southern Grove has secured planning permission for a £7m development of mews houses in Enfield, north London.


The Powys Grove scheme, designed by Dowen Farmer Architects, will create nine family homes on a brownfield infill site, replacing a chain of disused garages.

Tom Slingsby, CEO at Southern Grove, said: “This is an area of high housing demand and we’re going to transform this disused piece of land into a valuable local asset.” 

The project is part of the developer’s strategy to develop infill sites, as it believes these areas will play a crucial role in boosting the creation of family housing in London.

The business began assessing the feasibility of developing infill sites across the capital last year and aims to continue to expand the use of these alongside its other large-scale residential developments.

In November 2020, Southern Grove secured planning permission for another series of mews houses in Finchley, north London, on a similar infill site.

“Infill sites are numerous — there are thousands of them across London and other UK cities, often sitting right at the heart of key areas that are subject to high property prices and overwhelming demand,” added Tom.

“We are quickly building a large pipeline of similar schemes and are continuing to search for similar infill sites which are still routinely overlooked by most developers, but present fantastic opportunities to increase family housing stock.”

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