Register to attend roundtable on tech that will improve the development finance process

Development Finance Today will be hosting its next virtual roundtable, in partnership with APAK, on Thursday, 13th May at 11am.

The event, which is part of a weekly series launched this year, will be moderated by Medianett’s editor, Beth Fisher.

Mark Elliott, business development manager at APAK, will be joined by Emma Burke, senior originator at Maslow Capital; Adele Turton, managing director at Blanc Property Finance; Ashley Ilsen, CEO at Magnet Capital; Natasha Yea, director at Next Route Finance; and Katy Katani, associate director at CapitalRise.

The virtual roundtable’s topic will discuss: ‘Identifying tech that will improve the property development finance process’.

During the virtual roundtable, the panel will look at how lockdown has changed development lenders’ approach to technology, IT’s impact on communication and transfer of information between all parties involved in development finance, and whether tech advances could lead to greater transparency.

The experts will also share their opinion on which technological innovations have become indispensable to lenders and brokers, and those which have missed the mark.

Registration is open and is free to attend for all professionals working in the sector. 

The panel will be taking questions during the session and attendees are encouraged to get involved. 

The event will also be available to watch after 13th May on DFT.

“The pandemic has accelerated the already growing interest in the use of technology in development finance,” said Mark.

“I’m looking forward to exchanging views on where it might be even more transformative for the industry as we move into a post-pandemic world.”

Ashley added that he was eager to discuss the ensuing challenges for lenders, which incorporates how to improve the borrowing experience by using technology without losing the bespoke and personal touch.

Emma commented: “The development finance industry has undergone a technological transformation over the course of my career. 

“From initial enquiry to due diligence and beyond, the efficiency of the development finance process has improved exponentially.”

Natasha stated: “As a millennial, tech has always been a massive part my life. 

“To see it being used in the property development space is a great advantage for all parties involved. 

“With the increased risks being faced in the sector right now, speed and accuracy with stage payments is paramount.”

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