Archor teams up with Ascertus to improve document management function

Construction law firm Archor LLP has selected Ascertus Limited as the firm’s technology adviser and implementation partner as part of its investment in a best practice approach to the business-critical document management function.

Ascertus has taken Archor live on the document and email management platform, iManage Work, in the cloud alongside iManage Share for collaboration capabilities.

iManage Work offers a single structured data repository for all client matter-related documents and emails that can be accessed from any location and device.

Meanwhile, iManage Share facilitates content sharing and collaboration, both internally and externally with clients and other lawyers. 

Users are able to share, edit and work together on any documents directly from the iManage Work interface or via secure links through their Outlook.

The system also offers Archor users advanced search capability in order to save them significant time.

In addition, Ascertus has integrated DocsCorp pdfDocs — a tool that simplifies pdf management — with iManage Work, to provide more information management capability.

These measures were implemented to offer the law firm a robust and scalable technology foundation for the document management business function to ensure high levels of productivity and operational efficiency.

All servers and rolling-out solution upgrades are undertaken by iManage, while the ongoing support and maintenance of technology is being carried out by Ascertus.

Oli Worth, Partner at Archor LLP, said: “We are lawyers, we want to stay focused on client service delivery – iManage allows us to do that.

“The type of work that we do – especially dispute resolution and litigation – generates enormous amounts of documentation. 

“Construction projects valuing hundreds of millions of pounds, can easily last many years, and large volumes of documents get generated very quickly; with iManage, we have embedded best practice document management processes, that will seamlessly scale to accommodate the needs of our growing business.

“The team at Ascertus has been very flexible in the way they have met our requirements and timelines. 

“Their knowledge and advice have been valuable in helping to establish document management processes that are customised for our needs and user adoption of the solutions has been a non-issue thanks to the ‘on the mark’ and engaging product training – quite unusually for such sessions, the hours absolutely whizzed by.”

Jon Wainwright, sales director at Ascertus Limited, commented: “Archor is starting its technology journey from a clean slate, with immense clarity on why it is investing and what benefits it wants in return. 

“It is deploying future-proof technology that will make best practice routine, automatically scale as the business grows and always provide the latest and greatest functionality in the document management space. 

“With this, it is ensuring the highest possible return on its investment through productivity and operational efficiency gains – and without the hassle of IT maintenance.”  

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